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About me

: Hi, welcome to my personal website~

I'm currently an astronomer (postdoc at the observatory of Padova, INAF) mainly work in the Gravitational Wave optical counterpart searching. As part of the GRAWITA, ENGRAVE, DLT40 project and Padova-Asiago supernova group, my researches are mainly focused on the real time optical transient survey, including telescope scheduler, photometric data detrended, image difference, source extraction, artificial intelligence for automatic source evaluation, spectroscopic follow-up, artificial star experiment for limiting magnitude estimation, supernova rate, and so on.

In the researching process, I would employ a bunch of computational tools, e.g. the machine learning algorithms, the parallel processing, the webpage and database construction, IRAF/pyraf, sextractor/sewpy, hotpants, etc. 

I think I'm kind of good at some coding staff.

Also, here in this page (bottom part), you can find some documents that assist in knowing me more.

If you're interested in collaborate, or would like to have some discussions with me, do not hesitate to write me an email: (preferred) 

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